Buer Project





Through a reflection on the environmental and relational dynamics between man and space, the Buer project responds to all the need to build connections between the objects produced by man, spokesmen of his own physical existence, and the fragile and dynamic environment. The title refers to the hellish multiform leonine-headed demon and the healing power of all human diseases that becomes synonymous with paradox, poison and cure.

The project, realized on the island of Elba, consists in the abandonment of a series of biodegradable sculptures, which are camouflaged with natural places, which will live and deteriorate over time, leaving behind only the experience and the memory of their abandonment .

Moreover, in the square of Marciana Marina, an installation has been placed consisting of the wreckage of a sculpture made using special 3d printers with biodegradable materials and laid on a pile carpet that depicts digital interpretations of whale bones.

Pile, a well-known synthetic material with toxic components for the marine world, is the emblem of human action on the world, as an object that changes shape and turns into an inexorable virus.



"There was one story of a man who tried to summon Buer to cure their wife of an illness. They say the summoning was done at home, on a carpeted floor. There was bits of dog hair on the carpet since they had a dog in the household. The man wasn't clear enough with his instructions, and when he asked for Buer to heal his wife he left the rest vague and unexplained. They say the end result was that his wife was cured of the illness, but the dog was stricken with the same condition and died."

Places where the works have been abandoned

3d modeling of a human sinus vein mixed with whale bones

Buer, 2019. Print on pile 140x250, 3D print, PLA, organic materials. Installation view.

Buer II, 2019. 3D print made with poly lactic acid, organic materials. Variable dimensions.