The Kipple Project


The project is based on the definition of Kipple proposed by Philip K. Dick in the book "But the androids dream of electric sheep?". The Kipple, in response to the original, presents itself as a critique of a consumerist society, which elevates the useless, cumbersome and indestructible object to an indispensable fetish. It is an object without purpose in the beginning, built through the 3D modeling of pre-existing forms. It is unique, autonomous and biodegradable.Inserted in natural contexts, the “kipples” acquire their functional dimension, carrying out simple operations dictated by the surrounding environment (they collect water, they are deposits of earth, they house molds). It is a project where the work of art turns into a silent guest,

which integrates perfectly into the environment where it is located.


Uno a uno

Corriere della sera

Kipple  locations: abandoned in the Roman Countryside

Kipple I.I: Two months of abandonment

Map and project rendering